Goldfinch Kombucha


Step 4



Before we get into the FAQs regarding yeast, it is imperative that we all start with the basic information – YEAST LOOKS GROSS.  It’s brownish, bluish, greenish, slimy, stringy, collects in clustery blobs, stalagmites from the bottom of the jar or stalactites from your SCOBY growth.  It looks like something you’d not want near your kitchen and certainly not floating in something you’ll be drinking soon.  It is, however, part of your SCOBY and necessary for kombucha production.  It’s the “Y” in SCOBY.

The next few FAQs are redundant, yet we receive so many questions regarding its appearance, I thought best to leave them in.

Q: What is the brown stringy stuff?
A: These are strings of yeast. You may want to filter this yeast out at bottling. It is harmless, but will add a texture to the kombucha. Simply pour the kombucha through a kitchen strainer before bottling.

Q: I bottled my kombucha and after a few days it developed a brown film along the surface area. What is it?
A: It's the yeast. And it's not harmful. Typically, the yeast will float to the top when the cap is not sealed tightly enough. If the natural carbonation developing within the kombucha is allowed release at the top of the bottle, it will push the yeast up with it. No problem, tighten the cap. The yeast should gradually precipitate to the bottom.